By Juan Mánuel Benayas

The pandemic has changed our way of life, it has upset many of our illusions and it has taken many friends and loved ones, but we must continue fighting as we did before and get a smile, even if we are not seen with the mask . Now that the de-escalation of this Everest called Covid 19 has begun and we more than ever want to see our friends and family in a safe environment, it ‘s time to start planning our first post-confinement barbecue .

During the confinement more than one will have dreamed of this reunion barbecue in which the sunlight, the warmth of spring and the smell of the embers, will minimize the sorrows and the bad drink that we have been through for months. They say that the de-escalation will be progressive, perhaps in principle we cannot organize parties of more than 10 people, but even if there are not many of us, we must continue with the security measures that have been prescribed.

I would first start by giving a good cleaning both exterior and interior to our barbecue , grill, Kamado or the kitchen system we have with fire. has products like FortGrill that are perfect for this task.

 We will have to review how we are dealing with charcoal and firewood ( remember that the use of quality charcoal and firewood is very important for the barbecue to be a complete success ). If the barbecue is gas, a good review and see that the cylinder is full, it would not hurt.

Then we will have to plan the menu we are going to cook and especially how the service is going to be planned, in terms of individual protection. Ideally, as far as possible the barbecueman on duty, take maximum hygiene measures during cooking but even more important is when serving ..

It is advisable that as a catering, cooked food is served by a single person with tongs or gloves so that diners have as little contact as possible with the bulk of everything cooked. That is, what from the same source, each one does not arrive and with his own fork click and stir until he finds the choricito that suits him best.

It is true that we will have to be at a certain distance and we will be able to provide rather little, but I, taking extreme hygiene measures and to avoid mistakes with glasses, especially the smallest ones, would use paper cups in which with a marker would mark the name of each guest.

The menu alternatives are endless in barbecue, I would start by planning a healthy one based on a barbecue of vegetables  in which I would include a few mushrooms of thistle and some ears of corn that children like so much and as a main course I would cook some lamb chops or some tacos of grilled salmon.

If we go as guests to the party, it never hurts to bring a gift to the host , a copy of Entrebrasas published by Planetagastro will be the perfect gift to self-invite us to the next barbecue they organize.

And if you have not yet mastered the art of barbecue, you can enter the channel at fuegomarketspain   and start making your first steps.


By Juan Mánuel Benayas

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