Do the items have VAT included?

Yes, all our articles include VAT .

Is it safe to place an order online?

Yes, all purchases you make on our website are 100% safe. Your bank details are protected and encrypted. All commercial transactions are made in a secure server environment under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and all communications are transmitted encrypted under 128-bit encryption, with this system we do not even have access to your bank details, passwords, etc.

How can I place an order?

Ordering is very simple. We explain it step by step. You should know that you must register your personal data (you can do it before starting the order or at the end of placing the order) and choose a password that will allow you to access all those areas that require prior identification. This will prevent you from having to fill them out again. At the moment that you register with our secure server or place an order, your personal, domiciliary data, and those related to your payment method, are incorporated into our database, used only to process the order, as well as to Send information about offers and services that may be of interest to you. At any time you can modify the data of your customer record (change of address, telephone …) or ask us for your password reminder if you have forgotten it.

  1. Shopping cart. You have to check our selection of items or use our internal search engine if you are looking for something specific. When you find the item you were looking for, click on the “Add to cart” button, in this way you can add all the items you want, in the upper right part of the screen you will see the detail of the shopping cart. By clicking on “Show shopping cart” we will see the complete detail of our purchase with the quantity of each article, the name of the article, the price of each article and the sum of articles. If we want to change the quantity of the article, in the “Quantity” section we put the desired quantity and click on “Update”. If what we want is to delete an article, we simply click on the trashcan icon and that article will be automatically deleted. When we have our basket chosen as definitive, in this section “Show shopping cart” we see that there is a box that says “Delivery method”, we have two options “Customer pickup” or “All shipments to the Iberian Peninsula” , by default the second option comes out. Below we see a box that says “Payment method”, we have three options: “Bank Transfer”, PayPal or “Credit Card”, by default the last option appears, if that is not your option change it for yours. Below we see a box that says “Comments on the order and delivery”, if you have to make a comment about the order or delivery such as: “deliver in the afternoon”, “call before delivery”, etc. Finally we press the “Buy” button to go to the second step.
  2. Address. In this step if you have not yet registered, it is where you have to register, fill in all the fields, those that have the * are mandatory. If the shipping address is different from the billing address, check the box “Enter a separate delivery address” and enter your address. If you have already registered before, simply enter your username and password and your delivery address will appear, if you want to change the delivery address, press the “Change address” button, once the address is specified, press the “ next ”to go to the third step.
  3. Confirm and place order. On this screen you will see all the details of your order that you have previously selected: billing address, shipping address, valued order, delivery method and payment method. If we have to modify something, we can go back by clicking on step 1 or step 2, if everything is as we click on the “Order” button. to go to the chosen payment platform.
  4. Payment. As I explained before there are three possible payment methods: “bank transfer”, “PayPal” or “Credit Card”.
  • Credit card, by pressing the button “Place order” our program will link you directly to the Servired platform so that you can enter your card details there.
  • PayPal, by pressing the button “Place order” our program will link directly to the PayPal platform to sign the payment of the order.
  • Bank transfer, when you press the “Place order” button you will receive an email with the detail of your order and our bank account number. We advise you to send us proof of the transfer by email to expedite the shipment since the transfers usually take 24 to 48 hours, having the receipt, we will send the merchandise .

In accordance with our guarantee of security and confidentiality, Bud Amazonia is especially interested in offering our clients the highest level of security and protecting the confidentiality of the data they provide us. Therefore, commercial transactions are carried out in a secure server environment under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and all communications are transmitted encrypted under 128-bit encryption, which ensures the highest level of communications protection.

When is my order prepared and shipped?

Orders are prepared immediately upon receipt of the order. If the order is received before 3:00 p.m., we will ship it that same day. If we receive it after 3:00 pm we will send it the next day in the morning (we always talk about working days).

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Once the agency has withdrawn the package, depending on the area, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours.

Can I know the status of my order?

YES. When we send your order we will send you an email with the details of your shipment.

Are there shipping costs?

DO NOT*. For shipments to the Iberian Peninsula (territory of Spain) shipments are totally free * provided that your order exceeds € 100.00 purchase VAT included, if you will not be charged € 10.00 in shipping. For other destinations if we charge shipping costs, they vary depending on the merchandise and the destination, ask us for a budget without obligation.

What destinations do you send the orders to?

We ship to the Iberian Peninsula (territory of Spain) .

Is my shipment insured in case of breakage or loss?

YES. If for whatever your shipment was lost or received the merchandise broken by transport, we have insurance that covers it. It is important that within 24 hours after receiving the order claim any damage that has been caused by transport.